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Easy to deploy and manage web filtering solution for the Enterprise. Installs natively on Microsoft Windows. Prevents access to various categories of sites, blocks pages with explicit contents and removes annoying ads.

Main Features of Web Filtering Proxy


Inspect HTTP and HTTPS Traffic

Web Filtering Proxy is able to decrypt, inspect and re-encrypt HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Deep content inspection algorithms and dynamic page categorization allow you to automatically prohibit access to inappropriate and risky web sites within your network.

Policy Based Filtering

Configure different levels of filtering for different devices within local network. Devices can be identified by IP address, subnet or address range. One click integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Time based filtering policies are coming in future version.

Block Sites by Category

Block access to domains with inappropriate contents by more than 50 categories (dating, nudity, gambling, explicit adult content, etc). It is possible to easily re-categorize unknown sites.

How does it work?


1. Browser

User needs to navigate to a web site. He/she opens the browser and types the web site name in the address bar. Browser is configured to use the proxy so it sends the request to Web Filtering Proxy application.

2. Web Filtering Proxy

The application runs as a service on Microsoft Windows server. It accepts requests from the browser, connects to the web site, checks the request and downloaded contents and either blocks the request or sends it back to the browser saving some meta information about the request to the traffic logs.

3. Administrator

Administrator configures different web filtering settings for different users by making changes in the Administrative UI. If required administrator can easily automate repetitive tasks using any programming language.