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Need a Linux based Virtual Appliance? Consider running Web Safety in VMware, Hyper-V or Cloud

Stable version 4.0, built on June 28, 2024. Includes antivirus protection and application control modules.

Microsoft Azure Logo  Microsoft Azure

Deploy pre-configured virtual appliance with Web Filtering Proxy in Microsoft Azure. The installation tutorial explains several simple steps to get up and running in minutes. Both BYOL and PAYG licensing schemes are supported.

Microsoft Windows Logo  MSI Installer (Stable)

Download stable MSI installation package of the application and install it manually on Microsoft Windows 10+ or Microsoft Windows Server 2016+. This tutorial describes how to install the MSI in several easy steps.

Microsoft Windows Logo  MSI Installer (Latest)

Download latest MSI installation package of the application and install it manually on your server. Please note, as this is the latest version of the application, some features might still be in development. Use support page to report any issues or bugs.

How to Use the Application?

Three simple steps to see the proxy in action.


Install the MSI on your Windows Server or Desktop or deploy the pre-configured virtual appliance from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


Point your browser to IP address or ideally FQDN of your server, port 8080. Try surfing to your favorite web sites. Consider enabling HTTPS decryption and deep content inspection of HTML pages to let the filtering algorithms perform best.


Adjust filtering rules, integrate with Active Directory, enable proxy authentication, monitor browsing sessions and see traffic reports in MMC based Admin UI.

Need additional guidance on how to use the application? Take a look at the Administrator's Guide that explains inner working of the application with tutorials for on-premises deployment, setting up clustered proxy for high load environments and using the proxy securely in Microsoft Azure.