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Admin Guide

Web Filtering Proxy for Microsoft Windows is a new implementation of web filtering proxy running natively on Microsoft Windows. It can be easily integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, work as Secure Web Proxy, decrypt HTTPS traffic, filter HTTP requests and responses and inspect contents of HTML pages.

The proxy is installed natively on Microsoft Windows and can be managed by any administrator using Microsoft Management Console.

Manual Installation

Latest stable version is 0.12, built on April 05, 2021. Click on the download link in the table below to get it.

Build Status Build Date Build Number Download Link
Stable April 6, 2021 0.12.0.ED1E Download MSI
Old Stable March 18, 2021 0.11.0.CA70 Download MSI

Microsoft Azure Deployment

The filly configured instance of virtual machine with Web Filtering Proxy version 0.11 and 0.12 can be deployed directly into your Azure subscription from Microsoft Azure Marketplace.