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IP Address Labelling Backend

It is also possible to implement pseudo authentication. In this case administrator assigns the human readable labels for IP addresses. This is generally applicable only in small networks with static IP addresses (home networks) - the main purpose of this is to have meaningful names in the traffic reports. Note this type of authentication is not a real proxy authentication and is implemented solely by web proxy associating a connecting IP address with a given label.

The list of IP address labels can be managed in Admin UI / IP Labeling Manager.

IP Labeling Manager

Managing IP Labels

You can create new IP labels, edit existing ones and remove them as indicated on the following screenshots.

List of IP Labels

To add a new label, select the Add New button, fill in the label attributes and click OK.

Add IP Address Label

To remove the labels, select one or more of them in the list and click the Remove button.

Reset IP Address Label

Enable Authentication in Policy

After configuring the IP address labelling pseudo authentication backend, do not forget to actually enable it in policy settings. This can be done in Admin UI / Policies / Your Policy. Click the Properties button (or select the Properties from the right-click mouse menu) and select the Authentication tab.

Policy Authentication by IP Address Labels

Set radio button to Assign labels for connecting IP addresses. Note that enabling authentication per policy allows your proxy to be more flexible in regards to user authentication.

Do not forget to Restart the Web Filtering Proxy service in order for the changes to be applied.

Presentation in Browser

Note that as IP address labelling pseudo authentication is enabled, your browser will not know anything about it and will not show any pop-ups. The user will just be browsing as usual without any interference. Nevertheless, the access log of the application will show the user name (label) in monitoring records. If no label is found for a given IP address the user name will stay empty.