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Service Status and Verification

Admin UI checks the status of the Safe Browsing service at startup and when showing its settings. If service is not running, a warning will be displayed as shown on the following screenshot.

Service Not Running

It is recommended to restart the service using system Services MMC snapin and to inspect the log of the service at C:\ProgramData\Diladele\WebProxy\N.N\var\log\gsbd.log.

Service Log

Scan Performance and Statistics

Scan statistics for the Safe Browsing service can be viewed using the perfmon snapin. Total number of checks performed, number of detected and clean URLs and number of failures are shown, as well as average speed of scanning.



Most checks are done using locally present database of malicious URLs but sometimes the algorithm needs to contact Google services. If access to google services is limited in your environment, then speed of the checks is negatively affected and overall browsing might appear to become slow.

Detection and Verification

If you need to verify that Safe Browsing protection is active, try accessing the following URLs through Web Filtering Proxy. Be sure to enable HTTPS decryption first.

An attempt to access a malware site will be blocked with the following message.

Blocked Malware

Detection info clearly indicates that the request was blocked by Google Safe Browsing engine (GSB).