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Geo-IP Blocking

Web Filtering Proxy can also block connections to specific IP addresses by two letter country codes. This module utilizes the IP2Location LITE data available from

In order to be able to enforce Geo-IP blocking per policy you first need to configure the API key for the database. To obtain this key, register at This API key is currently does not cost anything.

Specify the key in Proxy Settings / Geo-IP page as shown on the following screenshot.

Specify API Key

Then indicate the two letter country code to block in Selected Policy / Filtering Rules / Geo-IP as shown on the following screenshot.

Geo-IP Rule to Block Access to IPs in NL

When user tries to access a geoblocked site the following blocked page will be shown.

Geo-IP Blocked Access to IP in NL

Database file for the Geo IP module is stored in C:\ProgramData\Diladele\WebProxy\var\spool\geoip folder and automatically updated once per week. No additional administrative actions is required.