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Filtering Rules

The application allows to filter HTTP traffic using various filtering rules. The following table contains links to articles describing each rule.

Rule Type Description
Adult Language Allows to block access to obscene content and web sites.
Site Categories Allows to filter access to web sites by site categories.
Dynamic Categorization Allows to block access to uncategorized sites using Artificial Intelligence text categorization module.
Custom Categories Allows administrator to self-categorize specific sites.
Block File Name Blocks download of files by their names.
Block File Contents Blocks download of files by actual file contents.
Block File Size Blocks large file downloads.
Block Content Type Blocks given content types.
Block Charsets Blocks HTML pages in specific charset.
Annoyances Blocks various web annoyances, including web ads and privacy trackers.
Block Domains Blocks given domains and subdomains by name.
Block URLs Blocks given URLs by regular expression.
Block User Agents Blocks given browsers by regular expression.
Apps and Restrictions Enforces Safe Search, limits connections to Google Apps or restricts tenants on Microsoft Azure.
Geo-IP Blocking Prevents connections to specified two letter country codes based on Geo-IP database.
Advanced Rules Advanced filtering rules based on access control lists.

To access specific filtering rules, select the desired filtering policy and client on Manage Rules menu item.

List of Rules

The following dialog will be shown. The list of available rules is on the left side of the dialog. Click on the desired rule to configure it.

Rules Dialog