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Policy Members

Members of a policy can be managed using the Manage Members menu item on the right.

Manage Policy Members

Currently the following member types are supported.

Member Type Description
IP Address IP address of the connected client. For example,
IP Address Range Range of IP addresses of the connecting clients. For example, -
IP Subnet IP subnet of the connecting clients For example,
User Name or Label Authenticated user name or assigned label. Proxy authentication must be enabled.
Active Directory Group Security group of the connecting user. Active Directory integration and proxy authentication are required.

To specify the members of the policy, click the Add New, Edit or Remove buttons at the bottom of the Manage Members interface.

List of Policy Members

Note, it is also possible to automatically include all configured local IP addresses as members of a policy. This is usually used in nofilter policy which automatically excludes incoming connections from decryption, web filtering and authentication, which is sometimes needed when admin runs the browser pointing to the proxy on the proxy box itself.

All Local IP Addresses included into No Filter policy