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How it Works

Web Filtering Proxy filter is very simple to install and use. Usually administrator installs the MSI package on the existing Microsoft Windows server (or desktop) within the network and configures client browsers to use the application as a proxy. Then the following sequence of events occur.

  • User tries to navigate to a given web page by typing web site address in the browser address bar.
  • Browser sends a request to Web Filtering Proxy application. The request gets decrypted and inspected by the proxy. If allowed request is forwarded to the origin server on the Internet.
  • Origin server replies with response. This response again gets decrypted and inspected by the proxy. If response is allowed it is sent back to the browser.
  • Browser renders the allowed response and/or shows a denied page informing the user of a prohibited URL.

The following diagram illustrates typical deployment in an enterprise network.

Network Diagram