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Web Filtering Proxy for Windows

Easy to manage web proxy for the Enterprise

Admin Guide Download MSI Deploy to Azure

Easy to Deploy

Download and install the MSI package on your existing server.

Fits in Your Network

No need for complex network redesigns. No need for complicated deployment procedures. No need to change your firewall. No need for additional virtual machines. The application runs natively on your existing servers.

Simple to Manage

Convenient management from trusted Microsoft Management Console. Block site categories and filter access to the Internet with several mouse clicks. Simple JSON storage for filtering settings, easy to automate if required.

Granular Filtering

Deploy different filtering policies for different group of users. Customize and adjust filtering settings per IP address, range or subnet. One click integration with Active Directory and time based filtering.

June 12, 2021 / Release of 1.4 Next version of Web Filtering Proxy is available. Supports cluster configuration sync with small improvements in Admin UI. See all version history in the Change Log