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License costs are based on total number of clients accessing the proxy

License costs for each client of the proxy is set to be 1 euro per month (paid annually). Please select the subscription plan according to the number of clients you intend to process on your proxy and use "Pay with Stripe" link below to get the actual license key. We will strive to send you the license key within 8 hours after purchase.

Custom Biz-25 Biz-50 Biz-75
1€ per user per month (paid annually). Select as many proxy clients to filter as needed (up to 99). 25€ per month (paid annually). 25 proxy clients included. 50€ per month (paid annually). 50 proxy clients included. 75€ per month (paid annually). 75 proxy clients included.
Pay with Stripe Pay with Stripe Pay with Stripe Pay with Stripe

You can use the same license key on all your servers and in all your locations, both on-premises and in the cloud (provided the total number of filtered devices stays within limits); thus, there are no additional charges for clustered deployments, standby servers, etc.

Note, if you require a proof of purchase or an official Sale Quotation to initiate the purchasing process within your organization, please write to the support team and share the name of your company, number of proxy clients you intend to filter, postal address and e-mail to register the license key for. If you are located in the European Union, please also share your registered VAT number.